Add Private Notes to Email: Add Zeroes To Future Settlement Amount

As if retaining, deleting, and producing email messages wasn’t challenging enough, now we have an exciting new tool[1. Yes that’s sarcasm] that allows private conversations to occur around public email messages.

From Mashable:

Bccthis is a tool that embraces the fact that private conversations often form around public streams. They’ve created an Outlook plugin, a Twitter web-app, and soon, a BlackBerry application, to streamline these types of conversations.

The Outlook plugin adds in a separate body and recipient field to a message. The Twitter app — via a bookmarklet — lets you bcc people on a tweet in the form of direct messages. [emphasis mine]

My head hurts trying to think through the implications of this innovation[2. Yes, that’s sarcasm too.]. Isn’t this just an invitation for employees to create the kind of off-the-cuff personal opinions about a company’s products and services that always provide the case-ending smoking gun, á la, “Can I look forward to my waning years signing checks for fat people who are a little afraid of some silly lung problem?”[2. Email reportedly from drug company exec embroiled in Fen-phen litigation. See here for more information on the quote and here for background on the litigation.]

OK, so the idea behind this product seems pretty cool. But we all know that it will be implemented without any thought given to the information governance implications. Just like email itself.


  1. Tim H

    Wow. I have to think that most large organizations at least will be smart enough to disable this feature.

    I can imagine numerous people from varying departments warning the CEO that, “No good shall come of this…”

    • Barclay

      Well, you would hope so, but I’m regularly shocked at what you find out there. I know of one organizations that had, for example, a server logging all incoming and outgoing phone calls without the knowledge of anyone other than the person who originally bought and installed the server. He no longer worked at the company and the server was accidentally discovered in the datacenter one day.

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