Violation of Company Policy on National News

These days when I help clients write employee “acceptable use”  policies for email, using the Internet, etc., the laundry list of prohibitions start to seem a little unnecessary. After all nobody really does any of that stuff anymore, do they? We all get it, don’t we? Certainly no one would look at porn on their work computer. And if they did, they certainly wouldn’t do it in an “open concept” office. And, even if they did, they certainly wouldn’t do it while they were being filmed on national television. Would they?

(It’s worth noting that watching the video below at work may violate your own organization’s acceptable use policy, and I wouldn’t want to be responsible for that.)

PS, if you missed it, look beside the bank rep’s left ear starting at about 1 minute. Also, change the YouTube setting to 720p to see the incident in all its high-def glory.

But wait, there’s more

A London-based business website mounted a campaign to save the banker’s job, and the model in the photos added her support. Apparently the efforts were successful, as he is apparently keeping his job.

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