10 Reasons Information Governance Makes Sense: Reason #4

Your Employees are Begging for It

“When you start to actively address your organization’s information overload challenges and give people the guidance and tools they need to work more effectively, amazing things happen. They start to make better decisions. They finish projects faster. They generate new ideas. And they drive business growth.”

Basex Information Overload Exposure Assessment[1. Basex Information Overload Exposure Assessment. Online at, http://www.basex.com/web/tbghome.nsf/pages/ios%5D

In Brief. IG makes sense because it help knowledge workers separate “signal” from “noise” in their information flows. By helping organizations focus on the most valuable information, IG improves information delivery and improves productivity.

Study after study shows that most knowledge workers feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they have to deal with. One study found that “sheer overload” is the biggest problem with email as a business tool.[2. AIIM International, “AIIM Industry Watch: Email Management, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,” AIIM International, May 2009.]  Another says that most professionals spent way too much time looking for information and feel they could not handle any “increases in information flow.”[3. LexisNexis 2008 National Workplace Productivity Survey, February 2008. Online at, http://www.lexisnexis.com/media/press-release.aspx?id=1041.asp%5D  Yet another study claims that companies in the US lose $900 billion each year worth of employee productivity due to information overload.[4. Andrea Coombes, “Don’t you Dare Email This Story,” Wall Street Journal, May 17, 2009. Online at, http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124252211780027326.html%5D

My experience with implementing IG programs has taught me that, after a period of initial resistance, most knowledge workers appreciate the clarity that IG policies and technology provide. Rather than struggling to invent their own “filing system” and worrying about the trouble that they may face if they get it wrong, the majority of employees quickly understand the value of IG and make it part of their daily routine. At one organization the time that employees spent managing information dropped by 50% within three months of program implementation.

The deluge of poorly managed, redundant, irrelevant, and unclassified information that most knowledge workers face today is huge and growing. IG can improve productivity and reduce the impact of information overload by helping organizations:

  • Classify information better so it can more easily be found
  • Get rid of unnecessary information so employees don’t have to weed through it
  • Better target and personalize information for individuals and communities
  • Provide better access to information while still meeting confidentiality and information protection requirements
  • Assign resources and technology to information commensurate with its value

One comment

  1. Darc

    Very nice. Was a big issue with the use of Livelink in my most recent SuperMajor E&P. The final straw was fighting with the cataloguers who post-project dictated shortened metadata naming conventions to a series of meaningless adjectives.

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