10 Things to Live Tweet at My Next Speaking Engagement

Tweeting can be hard work. Coming up with 140 characters of pith, wit, and irony is hard enough, but people seem to actually want useful information as well.  Somebody told me that I am supposed to start designing my presentations so that they have “tweet-able moments.” That way, people will “live tweet” my presentation, and make me rich and famous or something. To save you all the hard work, I present here 10 canned tweets that you can use at my next speaking engagement. You’re welcome.

  1. By 2012, #SharePoint will be used as the operating system for 8/10 kitchen appliances. #ECM daiquiris, anyone? #blairspeaking
  2. The world now creates data 75% faster than it creates ideas. Voila, reality television. #amazingstats #blairspeaking
  3. Hey, did he just say “aboot?” Is this dude a Canadian? #WhereIsHomeLandSecurityWhenYouNeedThem
  4. Just nodded off. Boy, I haven’t felt this drowsy since I accidentally mixed Nyquil and one of Blair’s books. #snooze #blairspeaking
  5. 80% of all information about unstructured information is false. #wow #blairspeaking
  6. Was that 58 second pause while he gazed into the middle distance intentional? Dramatic but weird! #blairspeaking
  7. OMG! the speaker just fell off the dais! Totally Pwned! #idiot #blairspeaking
  8. Email is dead-now that 87% of  celebrity gossip, YouTube links, & kvetching about the boss occur on social media, email is useless! #e2.0
  9. 50% of all #backup tapes contain pirated episodes of South Park. #disasterRecovery #blairspeaking
  10. They told me that he was brilliant, but nobody told me how good looking he was. #HopingForAConsultingDiscount #blairspeaking

So, when and where can you use these excellent Tweets, you ask? The answer:

Speaking Engagements for September/October 2010

[table id=2 /]

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