New Information Governance Executive Brief Series

I’m excited to announce that I have been working on a new series of executive briefs about information governance, sponsored by OpenText. I have made it my mission to try to spread the IG concept as far and wide as possible quite simply because I believe IG provides the best chance we have to finally get information management right. OpenText’s sponsorship of this series provides a great platform for the IG message to be heard.

Every one of our clients tackling IG have the same problem: closing the gap between the people who “get” IG, and those who don’t. In many cases the people who have had the least exposure to the IG and its value are the people with the money and mandate to tackle enterprise-wide problems: i.e., senior management. Thus, the focus and the format of the executive brief.

With this series, I’m hoping to provide some practical and pointed IG advice for senior managers. While I won’t be covering new ground for serious IG practitioners, I will be laying out IG fundamentals in a way that hopefully is accessible to time-strapped executives. These briefs should also be a great tool to help you build awareness around IG in your organization.

In our first brief, we answer the first logical question about IG: “what is it, and why is it important to me?” There is no universally agreed upon definition of IG, but it is possible to define what most people mean when they talk about IG. Also, I think there is pretty broad agreement about the potential of IG, and the value it can bring to us. So, check it out now at the OpenText website.


We have now posted the entire series of six Briefs. The links to them are:

1. Why Information Governance? (the brief above)

3. Getting Started with Information Governance

3. The Role of the CIO in Information Governance

4. Governing SharePoint

5. Records Management and Information Governance: What’s the Difference?

6. Justifying Investments in Information Governance



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