Getting Started with Information Governance: New Executive Brief

Sometimes my primary value as a consultant is as a calm voice in the raging storm of information-related problems that my clients face. Most information governance practitioners are assaulted from multiple sides today. Legal wants   e-discovery support (and they want it yesterday). IT wants help hiding from legal every time there is a new lawsuit. The business is pushing back on the new policy that requires employees to . . . gasp . . .  take  some responsibility for the information they create. In the midst of this the IG practitioner is supposed to be crafting and implementing  an IG strategy. Simply getting started can seem impossible.

In the second piece of our OpenText Executive Brief series, I address the challenge of getting started with IG. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have heard the cliche, “boiling the ocean” in introductory  meetings with clients struggling to take control of their information. The combination of IT complexity, the massive mountain of legacy  content, organizational change and legal uncertainty can make it very difficult to figure out where to start. We’ve provided a practical way to think about IG, and some practical tips on getting started. Check out the new brief here (one-time registration required).

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