The Role of the CIO in Information Governance

One of the topics I have been passionately researching and talking about lately is the role of the CIO in Information Governance. I have come to believe that we will never solve the IG problem in a meaningful way until we change corporate governance. By this, I mean something more than the standard, “executives need to care” cliche about information management that me and many others have been using for years (i.e, see  Key #2 of my book, Information Nation, for example).

The problem is at once more simple and more complex than it seems.

More simple in that, if a senior executive really owned IG, it would get done. Period. Or that executive would be fired and another hired until the problem was solved.

More complex in that many organizations already think that they have someone in charge of information, i.e., the CIO. However, most CIOs in fact have little or no responsibility for information. Rather, the mostly own infrastructure – the stuff that houses information – but not the information itself. This cognitive dissonance really makes solving the problem more difficult.

I explore this topic further in the latest brief in our OpenText Executive Information Governance Brief series, published today. Check it out now.

Note that I will be talking about this subject at the upcoming Managing Electronic Records conference in Chicago, where I was again honored to be selected as a speaker. Come see me speak at 3:30 pm on May 24th –  full details here.

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