Governing SharePoint: New Executive Information Governance Brief

“As soon as IT sets it up so that people can self provision and create these new sites, it’s always amazing to see how it proliferates . . .”

Bill Gates, speech at the first Microsoft SharePoint Conference, May 15, 2006

One of the key attractions of SharePoint – for IT at least – is the ease with which users can set up and use SharePoint sites with little to no involvement from IT. While this may drive adoption of the product and reduce the burden on IT departments, it can make IG more challenging, as sites can be set up with little or no enterprise control or insight into the information.

This is the role of SharePoint governance – the rules and processes organizations must adopt to ensure that they are leveraging the strengths of SharePoint, but also maximizing the value – and minimizing the risk – associated with the information within SharePoint.

We cover this concept of SharePoint governance in latest entry in our OpenText Executive Brief series. Click here to download the new brief from the OpenText website.

Click here for more information about the series, and for links to the other Briefs in the series.


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