MER 2011 – Corporate Governance and Information Governance

I’m sitting in the Vancouver airport waiting for my flight to Chicago for MER 2011. I just flew here from Anchorage, where I provided a day-long seminar for the Greater Anchorage ARMA Chapter. The seminar went well, and I had a great time in Alaska – thanks to Marty and Glenn and everyone else for hosting me.

I’m looking forward to the MER conference this year –  it has been a few years since I attended and the content is always great. Also looking forward to seeing some old friends from the records world. I’m speaking about my current favorite topic, which is how corporate governance is fundamentally, and that’s why information management is a failure.

I’m also excited about the new Information Governance Briefing book that we put together with Open Text. It includes several existing and new IG Briefs that I wrote, along with other information that is designed to help senior management get up to speed quickly with IG. We’re making it available to MER attendees as we think it will help them as they continue to make the case for IG to senior management.

Also, every attendee to the MER Conference this year will receive a copy of my last book, Information Nation, Second Edition. I’m excited to get the book into the hands of 400 or so new people, as it really seems to help them tackle the IG problem. It’s gratifying when people approach me to tell me how much the book has helped them – as a gentleman did on Friday in Anchorage. A few years ago he had been put in charge of a document imaging project for the State, and Information Nation was the first book he read to understand the world he was entering.

In any case, I hope to see you at MER (here’s a photo from AK).

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