Countdown to our Information Governance Webinar: T minus 2

Register for the webinar here. 

At ViaLumina we have been partnering with eDiscovery Journal for some time. We have been feverishly working together on a brand new survey report that we will hope will bring some much-needed definition to the information governance space.  Earlier this year, we ran an extensive survey about information governance at eDj, and the results are fascinating. Barry and I are going to talk about these results at a webinar this Thursday, so mark your calendar and stop by. It’s September 15th at 1 pm EDT. Register here.

Barry has already posted some analysis of the survey data on which department should be responsible for information governance so check that out here.

Over the next few days I am going to tease you with some of the survey results. If you want more, did I mention that you should register for the webinar? No? Well you should.

Here is one of the charts from our upcoming report. Come to the webinar for our analysis . . .

Chart from the 2011 IG Survey showing how people define information governance

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