Information Governance Speaking Engagements

If you are in the New York City Metro area, you have two opportunities to be terribly bored   incredibly amazed by my very presence come and hear me speak, and also meet some great people.

Building the Three-Year Information Governance Plan

ARMA Metro NYC Chapter, October 13, 2011, 5:30 pm

“You’ve got IG problems. You’ve got IG issues. You’ve got IG gaps. You’ve had many, many meetings to discuss your IG problems. But, do you have a plan? Do the people who need to pay for that plan and the people who need to implement that plan understand the plan, and believe in the plan? If so, then this session is not for you. Otherwise, read on.

Organizations cannot act on issues and gaps. They can only act on projects. So, how do we get from IG issues to IG projects? How do we create a strategy that has “vision” but is also pragmatic? It’s a tall order.

In this session, Barclay T. Blair, president and founder of ViaLumina, an IG consulting firm, will share the methodology he has used with countless organizations both large and small to help them build real-world IG Plans. He will take you through the planning process from start to finish – from the jumble of IG issues that most organizations have to the staged, three-year IG plan that has real support.”

CIO: Why the Title is a Lie

ARMA Northern New Jersey Chapter, October 12, 2011, 4:45 pm

Every day in the courts another organization is forced to admit that it has lost control of its information. That it doesn’t know where it is, what it is, or how to get to it. That it is stored in a way that way that makes it nearly impossible to retrieve and questions its trustworthiness. This reality can be traced to a single problem: the title” CIO” is a lie.

Despite the title, Chief Information Officers are not responsible for information. Rather, their responsibility lies with the systems. So, if the executive with the word “information” in their title is not responsible, then who is?

This session will examine how this fundamental breakdown in corporate governance leads to failure. It will build its case through a variety of current court cases, anecdotes, and statistics, and will propose alternative governance structures to address the problem. We will explore:

  • The business and legal consequences of this apparent gap in corporate governance
  • Whether the role of the CIO should change, whether a new executive role should be created, or if another member of the executive roundtable should take on new responsibilities in order to tackle this problem
  • How current attempts at many organizations to create enterprise “data maps” illustrate the gaps between the way business, IT, and legal view information
  • How newer technologies like social networking only make the challenge greater and more complex
  •  How technologies like SharePoint that put more control in the hands of the user may reduce the burden on IT, but create new compliance and business problems

Last week I recorded a ten minute podcast, and a thirty minute webinar for this publication. We really focused on practical strategies for getting started with Information Governance. I’ll let you know when those are published.

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