Solving the Shared Drive Problem

The sexy Information Governance problems today are (in rough order of sex appeal):

  • Social Media
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing

Somewhere waaaay down at the bottom of this list comes, “Governing shared network drives.”

However, in real life – outside of the hype cycle – solving the shared drive problem is right near the top of the list for my clients. The massive growth of SharePoint has been driven in large part by enterprises (or at least, departments within enterprises) looking for an incremental and easy replacement for shared drives.

However, most project teams tend to underestimate just how “incremental” the shift from shared drives to SharePoint or ECM is. In fact, in my experience, the problem is vexing enough that many project teams effectively throw up their hands and end up moving the big pile of unstructured manure from one unmanaged, fragrant corral to another (albeit a less fragrant, more attractive corral).

My firm has worked on this problem many times, and we are excited about a new partnership with Perram Corporation that allows us to finally bring intelligent process and intelligent technology to bear on this problem in a pragmatic, real-world way.

On Thursday, February 16th, we are going to walk you through some of the most useful things we have learned about this problem. We are hosting a webinar at 11 ET, which you can register for here. Hope to see you there.


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