Upcoming Information Governance Speaking Engagements

Panelist: Risky Business? Just take those old records off the shelf.

ARMA Metro New York Educational Day

March 29, 2012, New York City

Risky Business? – Just take those old records off the shelf! A panel of industry experts takes a fresh look at how applied Information Governance can mitigate risk and elevate business productivity through enhanced information management. ARMA International President Galina Datskovsky moderates a panel composed of e-discovery guru Ron Hedges, IG mavens Barclay Blair and Tamir Sigal, and RIM visionary Marcy Zweerinck”

Moderator:  If You Don’t Need it, Delete it – Best Practices for a Defensible Deletion Program

Inside Counsel Magazine Webinar

April 18, 2012 at 2 pm

Moderator of a webinar hosted by Inside Counsel magazine with Anthony J. Diana of Mayer Brown and Stephen Stewart of Nuix.

More details as they are available.

Keynote: Information Governance: A New Opportunity for Records Managers

Archive Systems User Conference 2012, New Orleans, LA

April 23, 2012

“Information Governance has a emerged as an exciting new concept for managing information –  one that promises to at last marry records management, IT, legal, and business requirements into a holistic discipline with high-level executive support. Current challenges like “big data,” cloud computing, social media, and consumerization of IT  all require a steady hand from from professionals who understand the delicate balancing act that is information governance. Records managers have a central role to play as this new world unfolds. In this dynamic keynote, learn how you can maximize the your value to the organization, focus on the new skills you need, and, above all, not take yourself so seriously!

Keynote: Information Governance and Social Media Management

OpenText Customer Forum, Cleveland OH

April 26, 2012

Panelist: Social Media in the Enterprise-Bliss or Peril?

Canada 3.0 Conference, Stratford, ON

Tuesday April 24, 2012,  1:40pm – 2:25pm (panel) and 2:25pm – 2:55pm (open discussion)

Workshop and Panel: Information Governance Policy Development

Virginia Bankers’ Association E-Discovery and Information Governance Forum, Richmond VA

May 7, 2012

“We live in the Information Age, which has seen marvels in technology unimaginable only a short time ago, and consequent changes in human interaction.  At no time in history have we so thoroughly documented our thoughts, decisions and actions, mostly by electronic means.   Having access to this information can create significant benefits to companies, and also significant risks, if the information is not properly governed.This all-day forum will arm you with critical concepts and skills in two significant areas:

Electronic Discovery: Responding to requests for your company’s information in litigation and regulatory investigations can be painful – especially in an era where we are creating and storing more information than ever before. However, smart organizations can take advantage of key legal concepts have developed in case law that provides litigants and regulated entities with the means to significantly reduce this burden. Moreover, when used strategically, electronic information can provide profound advantages and drive early resolution of a case.  During the eDiscovery portion of the forum, we will discuss these key legal concepts and provide practical advice on how to employ them.

Information Governance:  Much of the pain of eDiscovery can be avoided if organizations take control of their information – before eDiscovery trouble strikes. Information Governance is a new framework for managing information in a way that not only reduces eDiscovery cost and pain, but can also help financial institutions run more efficiently and profitably. The Information Governance portion of the forum will introduce participants to this framework, then provide them with the opportunity to see the framework in action through interactive, real-world exercises focused on critical Information Governance issues such as litigation response protocols, email use, social media, and bring-your-own-device.  Attendees will participate in policy development exercises that will provide them with a foundation for developing their institution’s own Information Governance policies.”

Keynote: The Role of the CIO in Information Governance

RSD European CIO Leaders Forum, Basel, Switzerland

May 11, 2012

Workshop: Social Media Governance

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AIIM, Calgary, AB

May 17, 2012

“The Social Media Governance workshop is a half-day interactive event where a small group of practitioners are lead through a series of presentations and exercises that teaches them how to craft a social media governance policy and program. The workshop examines the business, legal, and technology issues related to social media use in the enterprise through real-world examples and use cases. It provides examples of how leading organizations have addressed social media governance issues and provides a forum for participants to discuss issues unique to their organizations.”

Speech: Information Governance in Global Commerce

Asia Pacific Information Management Conference 2012, Honolulu, HW

July 12, 2012


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