Hanging Out and Chatting About Information Governance

This week I had a chat using Google Hangouts with Bill Tolson of Recommind about the use of machine-based learning technologies in information governance. Check it out below.


  1. Don Clewley

    Very good insight Barclay. Clearly, the challenge is organizational, because after all, who wants their career to be associated with the governance of data. I like how you framed the origin of the CIO and who is responsible for enterprise data that is created via so many channels: the person who creates the data, or the person who is tasked to “manage” the data.

    Information governance relies on so many variables including access controls, data classification, and using predictive analytics to help cull the data down to something that is meaningful for both legal and business relevant usage. Therein lies the problem, how is an accountable organization created where stakeholders include legal, risk, compliance, IT operations, application owners, data scientists, identity management, etc?

    I need to thank Jim Coalwell for introducing me to you. Clearly you bring knowledge and professional decorum to help articulate the value for clients to proactively manage the lifecycle of information. I think a strong market domain for this dialogue will be the Healthcare sectors (provider, payer and state government entities).

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