Information Nation: Seven Keys to Information Management Compliance (Second Edition)

This fully updated edition demonstrates how businesses can succeed in creating a new culture of information management compliance (IMC) by incorporating an IMC philosophy into a corporate governance structure. Expert advice and insight reveals the proven methodology that adopts the principles, controls, and discipline upon which many corporate compliance programs are built and explains how to apply this methodology to develop and implement IMC programs that anticipate problems and take advantage of opportunities. Plus, you ll learn how to measure information management compliance through the use of auditing and monitoring, following the proper delegation of program roles and components, and creating a culture of information management awareness.

Privacy Nation: The Business of Managing Private Information and Documents

Managing private information in today’s business environment requires organizations to formulate and execute a plan for its management and the concerted effort of all employees to comply with the plan. The failure of a single employee to safeguard private information could leave an organization facing serious criminal or civil liability.

Privacy Nation is a desktop reference for any individual in business or government whose job responsibilities include managing private information. It is a book about the manner in which businesses, government, and other entities should collect, maintain, and use personal information. Privacy Nation provides practical solutions that enable organizations to properly manage private information.

Information Nation Warrior: An Information Management Compliance Bootcamp

As the practical follow-on book to Information Nation, this book provides today’s information management professionals with the knowledge they need to play a strategic role in their organization’s future. Part battle cry, part career manual, this book arms today’s Information Nation Warriors-whatever their backgrounds-to do battle with the rising tide of information mismanagement today. Information management today requires a unique set of Technical, Records Management, Legal, and Business skills that Warrior explores in detail. With practical tips from the information management trenches and dozens of engaging stories of success and failure, Warrior is the essential manual for anyone who shares responsibility for information management today.

Information Nation (First Edition)

Information Management has entered a new era.

An era shaped by headline-grabbing business failures and scandals where information destruction and mismanagement have played a starring role. Defined by tough new laws and regulations that threaten to send executives to jail for information mismanagement, this new era features organizations that are struggling to control and leverage an ever-expanding body of business information, while reducing the bottom line.

How can organizations respond to this new era in a manner that will promote and protect their business and legal needs? How does the mantra of corporate accountability and transparency translate to the real world of tight budgets, fast-paced technological change, and a constantly-shifting legal and business landscape?

Information Nation provides answers to these and many other critical questions. The authors introduce Information Management Compliance (IMC), a new concept that brings the tools and principles of the compliance world to bear on Information Management. Information Nation is packed with practical insight and real-world examples that any organization can use to evaluate, design, or improve its current Information Management practices. Written in plain English, and incorporating the latest developments in law, technology, and business practice, Information Nation is required reading for everyone responsible for managing information in their organization.

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