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Publishing on LinkedIn: The Information Governance Initiative Definition of Information Governance

I was invited to participate in the LinkedIn publishing program, so I thought I would give it a shot, with my first post about the definition of information governance developed at the Information Governance Initiative, with the support of 93% of those we surveyed. Check it out here.

IGI Definition of Information Governance

Let’s define “Information Governance”


Keep your definitions coming via Twitter (send to @btblair)!  Here is a shortened, Tweet-able link to this post if you want to help spread the word: https://barclaytblair.com/1ux

@TamirSigal InfoGov is an accountability program to enforce desirable behavior in the creation, use, archiving, and deletion of corporate information

@RGiganti IG is the reimagining of records mgmt for the 21st century. It provides an easy conceptual framework for strategic level decisions to occur.

@dgschultz #InfoGov: Set of activities, policies, stds & measures dev. & enforced to ensure info is managed according to its value to the org

@richardmedinarm Information governance is a part of corporate governance, and focuses on managing an organization’s information (content) in order to increase its value and reduce its cost and risk to the organization. In our various Program Frameworks (particularly Compliance and Discovery Readiness), we focus on the issues around the taxonomy, retention plan, and ESI inventory (sometimes called a data map). (Okay, so this one was sent in as a blog comment, and is longer than 140 characters, but I’m going to allow it, only because Richard is such a nice guy.)

@rimman An organizational policy for effectively managing Information as an Asset consistent with other Policies and Principles


Earlier this month I spoke at a webinar (link goes to recorded version) hosted by AIIM where I talked about Information Governance – what it is and why it makes sense.  IG is still a nascent concept that needs some definition. One the one hand, it seems to be about the same stuff we have already been doing (RIM, information protection, ECM, privacy, etc., etc.), and on the other it seems like it could be a new – or at least evolved –  concept that will really help us manage information better.

I am starting to write my new book on IG (more on that later), so I guess I had better make up my mind! To that end, on my webinar, I put out a call to all the participants to tell me how they define IG. But, to make it extra challenging, I asked them to send me the definition as a tweet, i.e., in 140 characters or less.

I’m repeating that call here –  Twitter message me – my address is @btblair – and give me your definition of Information Governance. I will tweet your definition and will use the best ones in my new book.

Look forward to your thoughts!