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Justifying Investments in Information Governance: New Executive IG Brief

Over the past few months, we have been pleased to bring you our series of six Executive Briefs on Information Governance, sponsored by OpenText. Looking at them together, I think they provide a pretty solid introduction to the fundamentals of IG. Today, we are publishing the final brief of the series, which focuses on justifying investments in IG.

Many IG practitioners have difficulty securing funding for their projects, which is not surprising given the confusion around who should pay for IG at most organizations. But, making the case for spending on IG is actually pretty straightforward. Better-managed information has clear business and risk-management benefits. To learn more, check out the new brief here, at the OpenText website (one-time registration with OpenText required).

Click here for more infor­ma­tion about the series, and for links to the other Briefs in the series.



Records Management and Information Governance: What’s the Difference?

Last week I spoke at the MER 2011 Conference in Chicago. It was a good conference, with lots of discussion about the future of records management. Any similar discussion today usually also involves a discussion of Information Governance, and what it brings to the world of records management.

I have this discussion quite frequently with clients and others, and thought it would be useful to lay out some thoughts on how records management and IG are similar and different. There are varying opinions about what these terms even mean, but the need for clarity is not merely academic. And, simply changing the name of your existing RM function to IG is not the same thing as “doing” IG.

This is the topic of our latest brief in the OpenText Executive Brief series. Check it out here (one-time registration with OpenText required).