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11 Ways to Fail at Information Governance

This week a prospective client asked me to answer this question: “what are the top 5-10 examples of what companies do wrong when implementing an ECM solution?” Here are my thoughts.

  1. Create a records management department of one.
  2. Make sure you set perfection as the goal.
  3. Implement the technology before the policy.
  4. Allow software capabilities to determine your agenda.
  5. Don’t worry about formally defining requirements.
  6. Don’t get real senior management commitment (how will they handle complaints from their favorite earners? Who will they side with?)
  7. Don’t adapt corporate governance to IG.
  8. Treat IG as a project.
  9. Don’t realistically estimate costs and benefits.
  10. Assume that users want this. Also assume that business units and departments will equally see the value of ECM.
  11. Set unrealistic timelines and arbitrary deadlines.

Do you disagree? What did I miss?

Stay tuned for my next blog post, which will be answering another question they asked: “provide the top 5-10 examples of what we can do to ensure success.”