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5 Questions about Information Governance in 5 Minutes: What’s Your Favorite Information Governance Story?

Here is the fifth and final (except for a bonus video coming soon) in our five-part video series where I asked 30 Information Governance the same 5 questions. This video is the longest of the five, as I ask our interviewees to tell us their favorite story about IG –  something that illustrates what it is, why it is hard, challenges they have faced and so on. There are some great stories, so get yourself a fresh cup of coffee and a snack and enjoy.

A New E-Discovery Pot ‘O Gold: The SharePoint Online Recycle Bin

Today Microsoft announced a new feature for its hosted SharePoint service that will inevitably rear its head in future ugly e-discovery disputes: a recycle bin for entire SharePoint sites. According to Microsoft, “business is full of “oops” moments, and sometimes these moments can really slow down productivity . . . enterprise customers can now restore full site collections, in addition to sites, documents, lists, and list items.”

“With just a few clicks,” you can self-restore entire site collections within 30 days after they are deleted.

Hmmn. Sounds like yet another area where SharePoint governance will be required –  and resisted –  by SharePoint admins.

Slides from my webinar on Solving Shared Drives

Here are the slides from the webinar we just completed on “Solving Shared Drives.” I personally don’t find slides divorced from their presentation that useful, but this will give you a flavor of what we talked about. Also, we will be shortly following up with a whitepaper on the topic as well as the recording of the webinar, so look for that too.